Properties of Tungsten Carbide


Tungsten Carbide products are the result of a powder metallurgy process which primarily uses tungsten carbide and cobalt metal powders. Typically, compositions of mixes will range from 4% cobalt to 30% cobalt.

The chief reason for choosing to use tungsten carbide is to take advantage of the high hardness which these materials exhibit thus retarding the wear rate of individual components. Unfortunately, the penalty attached to high hardness is a lack of toughness or strength. Fortunately, by choosing compositions with higher cobalt contents, strength can be achieved alongside hardness.

Choose low cobalt content for applications where the component will not be expected to experience impact, achieve high hardness, high wear resistance.

Choose high cobalt content if the application involves shock or impact and achieve greater wear resistance than most other materials can offer, combined with the ability to resist damage.

ASP sales staff have the experience to advise on the composition appropriate for your application

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